Little Activist is a range of pre-loved clothing brought back to life with attitude. Because changing the world starts with #babysteps!
Littleactivist.net came about when I realised there were loads more people bringing their kids to protest rallies in Australia, but very little for those kids to wear. 
There are so many issues to fight against in our current cruel world, and it will take all of us to win. 
Each item of clothing is unique. They come to me from opshops or by donation. I choose a cause, message or image and then hand paint them from my bus. I’m more than happy to take requests for causes you’d like to see more of, or you can even send me your own pre-loved clothing and I’ll paint them up and return them directly, for a small fee. 
All sale proceeds go toward helping me continue my journey as a fulltime nomadic activist; in buying these clothes you’re actually helping me to help you!
Here’s to growing the #littleactivists of the future… #babysteps 🙂

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